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This site was set up by Paul. F. Adams, webmaster, I.T. tutor, designer and citizen of the UK, In response to the need for a UK only web resource. Where do you look for UK Information? The Internet has grown organically, exponentially and in a disorganised, unmanaged way. It's also global, making it even harder to find specific UK information.

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You will find everything from 'what's on all the TV channels' to the latest sports news, from travel information resources to a comprehensive weather service. We hope you find the UK information that you need and hope to see you coming back for more on a regular basis. If there is anything you can't find, or are unhappy about, then please let us know. This service is for you.


The Today Network brings you UK news and information in one convenient place. We also have links to over 800 top high street stores with over 3 million products. We try to keep the advertising relevant and useful.